“Charity is at the heart of the Church, it is the reason for its action, the soul of its mission.”

Pope Francis, September 2017

Our community was originally set up as a Mission to the people of Bermondsey – in the eighteenth century, parts of Bermondsey were notorious slums and there was much charitable work for the Church to tackle.

Times have changed, but there are still many people who need our support:

  • The homeless
  • Bereaved families
  • Mental health sufferers
  • Communities in the wider world still suffering from crushing poverty

Support comes in many ways – sometimes we are asked to give money, sometimes to give time – and always we are asked to remember those less fortunate than ourselves in our prayers.

Advent Appeal

This year we are, once again, be collecting warm clothes for the homeless. They will go to the Manna Centre in time for Christmas. All donations should be brought to the church or the presbytery.

The Manna Society (www.mannasociety.org.uk) has run the Manna Day Centre since 1982, supporting homeless people in the heart of London. They help between 120 and 150 homeless and disadvantaged people every day, providing breakfast and lunch; showers; clothing; housing and welfare advice; medical care and access to computers.

Parish Community Centre Appeal

Our church is in urgent need of additional space to carry out its mission effectively in the local community.

To find out more about this exciting project, click this link!