In order to fulfil its mission in the community, our church is in urgent need of additional meeting space. Towards this aim we have developed a clear and sustainable vision for the future, centred around a new Parish Community Centre:

  • Designed by St Ann’s Gate Architects LLP – specialists in building conservation and sustainable architecture
  • Designed to complement and enhance the beauty of the original church building, making use of currently unused space
  • Fully accessible in all areas, including several accessible toilets
  • Designed to be energy efficient, using sustainable materials
  • With a travel plan to ensure no significant increase in traffic – it may even reduce peak demand by spreading trips
  • To be supported by a Management Committee for long-term running and upkeep.

A great deal of work has already been done – the design for the new Parish Community Centre has been drawn up by the architect, and planning permission has been obtained. The cost of the project is significant – £2.4 million – but we are on the way to hitting the target: £1 million was raised from the sale of the Felton Hall, over £65,000 has been raised from a variety of donations and fundraising activities, including over £5000 through our Justgiving page. In addition, we have pledges of over £81,500.

Our vision for the Centre is to be a vibrant hub for all members of the local community, and to be a visible example of our faith in action.  It will provide a place of welcome, advice, comfort, support, local interest and friendship, with particular support for the young, the elderly, the vulnerable, the lonely and all those in real need of our help.