The Aims of the Group

In our Parish we are trying to build a living faith community. To do this we need to recognise the unique value of each person who is part of the family of our parish. In the context of preparing children for sacraments we need to consider a partnership through the home and the parish.


The home is the most important setting in which to nurture our faith. It is within the home that children first experience something of God and His love. Parents are the primary educators of their children with respect to their faith. When your child was baptised, you made a promise to nurture the faith in the child’s life: you would be the first teachers and the hope was expressed that you would be the best of teachers in the ways of faith. So, the role of parents or guardians is key to the well-being of your child in this whole process of the Faith Journey.


For this programme to be fruitful, you as parents or guardians must be acrively involved in the worship within our Parish. To join this programme the Catholic parent or guardian must be a regular attender of the Parish. This is the single most important criteria when considering an application, as children learn by example. If you regularly attned another parish then you must apply to that parish for your child’s First Holy Communion.

What to do next

To enrol your child on the programme you need to ask Canon Alan for an application form – keep an eye on the newsletter to find out when application forms for the next programme will be available. In the meantime, make sure that you and your child join in fully with the life and worship of the parish.