This group is made up of representatives from all the liturgical ministries in the parish:
✢ Welcomers
✢ Eucharistic Ministers
✢ Servers
✢ Readers
✢ Choir members
✢ Carers of the church environment
And, very importantly, those who minister as part of the assembly or congregation.

The purpose and aims of the Liturgy Group are sevenfold:
1. Planning and preparing for Liturgical seasons and cycles and special celebrations
2. Developing, supporting and nurturing the work of the ministries in the parish
3. Addressing and attending to any issues which arise
4. Evaluating and learning from our activity
5. Supporting all this activity with ongoing formation to deepen our understanding and knowledge of the liturgy
6. Drawing more people into the network of ministry
7. Being an example of how a Christian community works together

For more information, keep a look out in the newsletter to see when the next meeting is taking place, and just turn up! Or ask Father Alan or Mag Shepherd after Mass on Sunday. Remember – everyone is eligible to join in.