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  • Go to our Planning Application on the Southwark Council website [Click Here].
  • To lodge your support, click on the button labelled [Make a Public Comment].
  • You will need to include your name and address for your comment to be counted.
  • Each adult member of a household can make a comment - and each comment counts!

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Support for the Design:

  • Great care and consideration has been taken by the parish community in developing the design. The parish community was consulted at all times, from the appointment of the architect to providing feedback on the proposed drawings in Summer 2017.
  • The proposed roof signposts the beauty of the Church windows but at the same time allows for visibility of these windows both through the glass walls of the annex and the gap between the annex and the Church.
  • The brickwork has been designed to fit in the with the intricate geometric patterns in buff, blue, and russet brickwork as designed by H.S. Goodhart-Rendell.
  • The overall design has been developed to enhance the beauty of the original building and also providing much-needed additional capacity which was not included in the 1960 design of the church.
  • The design has carefully considered neighbouring buildings, resulting in no loss of amenity
  • The parish community have been careful to ensure that the building is fully accessible in all areas as any restrictions would defeat the purpose of the annex.
  • The parish community are also keen to ensure that the design makes the best use of sustainable technology

Support for Benefits to the Community:

  • Dockhead parish is a vibrant, ever-expanding community. The Church building is regularly completely full with standing-room only on a weekly basis. There are frequent major events (Lent, Easter, Advent, Christmas, Feast Days, baptisms, funerals, weddings ) which would be enhanced by the possibility of providing a space for the community to meet socially. This is currently impossible due to the design of the interior of the church: ( “a wide nave with narrow aisles and an open sanctuary gave everyone a view of the altar”, An excerpt from `Goodhart Rendell Building in London, Susanna Staughan 13.1.2017 20th Century Society)
  • The proposed annex will provide significant benefit by providing space for meetings, socialising and catering for parish and community activities. There is no other parish meeting space for the many informal groups that contribute to the running of the parish. e.g. music Group, Art Group, Liturgy Group, Journey in Faith group, training for altar servers, Sacramental preparation groups, prayer groups etc. Lack of space also limits the Church`s ability to support local community and charity groups. Some of the formal Church groups have already supported the appeal.
  • Currently, there is only one toilet available for the parish and this requires climbing a number of steps, so is inaccessible to the elderly and those with mobility problems. The proposed annex will provide several accessible toilets.

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